Vladimir Meskenas

Vladimir Meskenas was born in Russia in 1916. In 1943 he was captured by the Nazis, arrested and sent to Austria for a period of forced labour. Mid 1949 he emigrated with his family to Australia and continued painting.

Mr Meskenas is one of the famous figures in the International art world of portraiture. He exhibits his works every year in the most important exhibitions, has won several marjor prizes and his works are represented in collections throughout Europe, Russia, USA and Australia.

Even from early childhood he was greatly attracted by drawing. Whenever he could, he drew his models from his social surroundings, members of his family and friends. The drawing he did from life of his father – when he was only 14 years of age, shows a quality of genius.

Over the past 50 years he has travelled worldwide to complete the many requests for his magnificent masterpieces.

New York Dr G. Kazokas. “Vladimir Meskenas is a master draughtsman and his every line makes an immense impact exhibiting his artistic power. He is a deep psychologist who senses the sitters hidden personality and his ability to bring out wealth of inner life. Above all he is a superb colour virtuoso. The artist V. Meskenas will stay in art history in a very prominent position and it is true to say that many prominent notables have been immortalized thru the artistic scrutiny of the Meskenas brush.”

Renowned art critic & writer Elwyn Lynn described Mr Meskenas as “an excellent portrait painter – a famous oil painter, his drawings are also superb. He spends time getting to know the person who is sitting for him, getting to the qualities under the surface. I believe that Meskenas has a tremendous amount of respect for the people who sit for him – I don’t think he’d paint them otherwise. I found Vladimir to be a very modest and sincere person.”

Art Critic Lynnette Brennan “Meskenas is an expressionist painter and portraitist, he is most renowned for his oil on canvas portraits. He has a magic by using a kaleidoscope of colour, his use of line, shape and texture giving a wealth of richness to his work. Meskenas’s true magic is his ability to capture the souls of his subjects.”

New York David Rockefeller described Meskenas’s work as “Absolutely brilliant, one of the finest portrait artists that I have ever seen.”